What I Got & Gave for Christmas 2018

What I Got & Gave for Christmas 2018

hey all!

sorry i’ve been M.I.A over this past week, i’ve been so busy with all of christmas happening as well as starting my official christmas break from college. like every year, today i’m sharing what i got for christmas this year, as well for the first time this year i’m sharing what i gave some friends and family members!

a note for everyone: of course i don’t mean to brag in any way, just wanted to share my favorite gifts from this year!

what i got:

some of my favorite gifts this year were:

my hightop gola sneakers from my sister

the harry potter series from my parents

a windows at tiffanys book from my roommate

self hosting my blog! from my family

my favorite gifts to give this year:

i made one of my best friends a customized volleyball which i decorated with her name patterns and her favorite things

for my sister i picked up a louis vuitton key pouch which i was so excited to give!